Integrity Music

Authors: Joth Hunt, Andy Harrison

Description: From the album "Legacy" by Planetshakers comes Drawing Closer (Live In Kuala Lumpur)

Chord Chart: D
Lead Sheet: D
Piano - Vocal: D

Song Lyrics

This is it, I leave it all behind
The past mistakes I wished I could rewind

I am moving forward today, as Your grace lights up the way
You will never lead me astray, so I’ll never run away

But now, I’m drawing closer, now, I’m drawing closer
No matter where, no matter when, I am reaching out again

Through the things that I don’t understand
Oh, I will praise, to You I lift my hands

And as I draw close to You, You draw close to me
All that I want is You, ‘cause with You I am free
And now, I’m drawing closer
And now I’m drawing closer, I’m drawing closer to You

Closer to You, in ev’ry season
I am drawing closer to You