Dustin Smith | We Are The Roar

Integrity Music

Authors: Dustin Smith, Bailey Wiebe

Description: Charts for the song "Never Bow" by We Are The Roar from the album Miracles - The Healing Project.

Chord Chart: G

Song Lyrics

I have faith beyond what I can see
When doubts and fears arise inside of me
At times my heart grows weary from the fight
Bring I have peace that overwhelms my night

‘Cause I’ve seen the mountains move
With just a Word of truth
So I I know it’s possible
To live unstoppable

(So) Toss me to the raging sea or throw me in the fire
Lower me into a den with lions all around
‘Cause greater is the One in me than what my eyes can see
I know the enemy screams loud
But I will never bow

I have placed my trust in His great name
It’s Him who gives me hope and gives me strength
He says that I can run and not grow faint
So, I will rise upon the eagle’s wings
Staring in the face of death

Or walking thorough the darkest hell
I will never bow
I will never bow
My loyalty has been reserved
For Him who holes the universe
To Him alone I bow
To Him alone I bow


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