Prestonwood Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Michael Farren, Carson Wagner, Jordan Grizzard

Description: From the song “Here in the Holy" by Prestonwood Worship, from the album Songs of the People (Live). Chord Chart and Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Key Bb) and Leadsheet (All Keys).

Song Lyrics:

This is where the desperate
Soul finds hope
This is where the wayward
Heart finds home
This is where the weary
Find their strength again

This is where the broken
Life’s restored
This is where the thirsty
Thirst no more
This is where our emptiness
Is finally filled

Here in this holy moment
Heaven’s open
Calling us close
Calling us closer still
This is where glory meets us
And mercy reaches
Calling us close
Calling us closer still
Here in the holy

This is where we bow
In humbleness
This is where You raise
Us up again
Nothing but Your presence
Gives us confidence

So we wait, oh we wait
We wait on You
We wait on You