Prestonwood Worship

Integrity Music

Authors: Michael Farren, Rick Briscoe, Jordan Terrell, Stephen Miller

Description: From the song “Grace so Marvelous" by Prestonwood Worship, from the album Songs of the People (Live). Chord Chart and Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Key Bb) and Leadsheet (All Keys)

Song Lyrics:

Song Lyrics:

Oh let this grateful heart
Ever be at a loss
To describe all You’ve given to me
Oh let my every breath
Be exhausted and spent
In response to what I don’t deserve

Your grace, so marvelous
All-sufficient and free
Is more, more than enough
To redeem and rescue me

Oh let Your sacrifice
Ever capture my thoughts
Like an anchor lest I should forget
Oh let the precious blood
That has purchased my life
Never be less than my everything

Oh let this song of praise
Ever rise from my lips
From this moment ’til we’re face to face
Oh let it then be heard
In my loudest refrain
Thank You Lord, that You saved even me!