Worship Together

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Description: From the song “Be Like You" by Finding Favour

Piano-Vocal & Lead Sheetl: E, Eb, and F (Orig)

Song Lyrics:

Have nine months really gone this fast?
Holding my baby girl in my hands
Ten million thoughts running through my mind
One thing's for sure
God I want to get this right

I want to love her like You love me give her everything I can
I want to live a life that's holy and be a better man
You could have chosen anybody but I'mthe one you gave her to
If she's gonna be like me then God I want to be like You

Finally turned five and he looks like me
Always playing baseball or climbing up some tree
God I know we won't always be this young
Let him grow up proud to be his daddy's son

Cause their feet are gonna follow
where their father leads them to
So Father won't You lead me staight to You
to You
And when my life is over I pray that they will look back
and say they saw a bit of Jesus in their dad


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