Authors: Ed Cash

Description: From the PlanetShakers album, "Outback Worship"

Chord Chart,Lead Sheet and PVG Key: A

Song Lyrics:

My soul longs for Jesus
In a dry and weary land
Oh come Living Water
Son of God and Son of man
He's the Light in the shadows
He's the lamp to my feet
My soul longs for Jesus
And He longs for me

My soul longs for Jesus
From the morning's first light
Where His mercies they greet me
Like a song in the night
Every hour, every moment
Now and forevermore
Let me sing unto Jesus
Nothing pleases me more

My soul longs for Jesus
Name above all other names
Let my life be ever blameless
Every keeping His ways
He's the lighthouse that leads me
He's my compass, my guide
Let my courses follow Jesus
By day and by night

My soul longs for Jesus
He's the Savior of sin
His blood washes over
Praise God, I'm born again
From the ashes He raised me
Death no longer has a hold
For I belong to Jesus
He paid for my soul

My soul longs for Jesus
What a glorious day
When the troubles of the ages
Shall swiftly pass away
With the armies of Heaven
He will carry us home
How I long for You, Jesus
Oh come, Jesus come

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