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Authors: Garrett Chynoweth, Elaina Chynoweth

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Description: From the song “Love Outran Me"

Chord Chart Key Ab

Song Lyrics:

To be the greatest, You say “be the least”
You're living water, You say “drink for free”
We ask for purpose, You say “come follow me”
We hope for mercy, You say “here's all you need”

To truly live, You say that I must drown
Where life was lost, You say there I was found
We shout for grace, You say Your Kingdom comes
We take one step, You say the Father runs

You reached through my darkness, to pull me in
You stood in my place and became my sin
To these dead bones, You say, arise, arise
When I couldn't do it, You crossed the distance
Your love pushed harder than my resistance
I was a slave, You said, be free
I chose my shackles, You spoke liberty
I crucified You, You chose to pardon me
When shame is calling, You tell me I'm Your son
Death tried to hold You, You said, no I'm not done

Hallelujah – Grace it found me
Hallelujah – Love outran me

You said, “You don’t have to hold onto what you’re doing
You don’t have to be afraid anymore.
I’m calling life into your dead bones;
I’m calling life into your heart.
I want the best for you. Oh, I want the best for you.
Because I love you.
Oh, I want you. Oh, I adore you.
I think you’re beautiful.
I made you.
I think you’re beautiful.”


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